Bodega Baby

Bodega Baby is the joyful story of a family living the American dream in the big city. Your children will love following along in the excitement as they learn the importance of hard work and creating a close-knit community through the eyes of the Bodega Baby. Enjoy the splashy illustrations of big city life as the Bodega Baby explains his family's roots and the creation of his mother's bodega, the center of their vibrant neighborhood. With the Bodega Baby in charge, the beloved store's legacy is secured and its future is bright!

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Meet the Author

When Hannah Shatzen set out to write a book, a children's book was the last genre on her mind. However, as the youngest of three sisters, and now the aunt to one niece and three nephews, she has become a professional aunt, which means becoming a professional gift giver, as well. While perusing the shelves of children's books for her niece and nephews one day, Hannah realized the stories she was reading weren't telling the story she wanted them to hear. So she decided to write one herself. Enter Bodega Baby, the first story of what will soon be a series, about a hispanic immigrant family living in New York City and pursuing their dream of building a legacy in the greatest city in the world. The story is a tale of the importance of family, hard work, life lessons, love, gratitude, and community. This story will teach children fundamental life lessons while being mesmerized by all the grandeur of New York City. Adults will read it with a knowing smile that hard work and love are essential building blocks of family and legacy. I invite you to enjoy Bodega Baby, a story that has a little bit of everything for everyone.

  • "Bodega Baby is so charming! Having grown up frequenting the bodega near me constantly and then being puzzled to learn DC didn't haven them, it was so nostalgic to recognize my childhood instantly in the illustrations. It's a sweet book and easy to imagine how the series could unfold."

    JOSH, Washington, D.C.

  • "Love this book so very much! It is absolutely adorable. I love the rhyme and the illustrations are simply fantastic! Just cute and sweet. My kind of book."

    CINDY, Dallas, Texas

  • "My daughter was obsessed with the illustrations! Seriously lunged at the page. This book is immediately a favorite of ours and makes us feel closer to our friends in New York. Can't wait for what's next!"

    MARIA, Richmond, Virginia

  • "Bodega Baby is wonderful! The story is sweet, filled with love and excitement. Giving background information about a bodega for us who don't live in NYC is genius! The illustrations are colorful and really gives a glimpse of a bodega. I can't wait for your next book as Bodega Baby grows up and explores the neighborhood!"

    JEAN, Conway, Arkansas

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